About Me

I originate from East Yorkshire and have filtered down to the South East via my Police service and various transfers. I take pride in my high level of integrity and work ethic.

I part owned a welding, fabrication and trailer manufacturing business in Leicester which I started following my retirement from the Police service. I served with Humberside Police, Cambridgeshire Constabulary and latterly on secondment with the Metropolitan Police. I enjoyed my time in the service and worked in several high level but very demanding departments and squads. The opportunity to change direction, run my own business and test my abilities was too good to miss. I spent time re training and building up the business in Leicester which I later sold. It gave me a chance to have a break, renovate our home in Surrey and spend more time with my wife and family.

In Leicester I held contracts with several large National Companies, I built up some very reliable contacts in the trailer and metals industries which has enabled me to start this new adventure. Over and above general fabrication work, we built bespoke customised trailers, maintained and refurbished trailers and supplied parts. I exported parts to the United States and several European Countries. I trained and qualified as a coded welder whilst running the business and was taught fabrication and sheet metal working techniques by my partner and master craftsman Paul Robinson who had spent over 45 years in the industry. The house renovation is almost done (still, always something to fix or tweak). I wanted something else to start from scratch, so I decided to get back into the trailer industry in a smaller way. I enjoy working with my hands, but most of all working for myself, I have no desire to be back in the rat race.

I am home based and have a large workshop, due to this my overheads are low, as such I can keep my costs to customers at a reasonable level. Sadley fuel costs do drive prices up, however I try to offset this by supplying any parts required at below retail prices. I also keep below the VAT registration limits so you do not have an extra 20% on your invoice. 

I will keep this site simple and user friendly, I will answer or return your calls, I will respond to emails and if I cannot do what you request, I will give the best advice and any help that I can. There is always a solution so do not despair.

I issue a safety/service certificate with every job, it is stamped and records details of the trailer and all work carried out. I am not a cowboy and take pride in my work which is why I provide a stamped certificate. I also back up my work with customer feedback - please read.