Legal Towing

Trailers can be the cause of serious road accidents. Sadly this is often due to neglect and ignorance of the law, which is no excuse. Road traffic law does exist for trailers; although we have been very lapse in this country in its enforcement, until recently.

Lack of maintenance, poor lighting, worn brakes, overloading, excessive speed, poor DIY welding on home made trailers all contribute towards what is a lethal weapon behind a motor vehicle. Many people do not know even the basic legal requirements, especially when it comes to load weights and licensing.

Trailers are a fantastic transportation method used by all countries of the world for business and pleasure but should be maintained and used within the legal requirements. I am here to help you and save you money in the long term.

Other European countries are very strict regarding the use of trailers, many of you who have driven a trailer or caravan in Europe will be aware of this. In this country road traffic laws do apply in respect of licensing, the overall condition, lighting and permitted loads.

Any person professional or private using any trailer should have the correct license, ensure the trailer is correct for the permitted load and make sure it is roadworthy. We are the subject of an EU directive called type approval. Type 01 unbraked up t0 750KG and type 02 braked up to 3500KG.

I urge you to read information provided in much further detail on the NTTA web site it will give you the answers, or call us on 07925 337 524 for advice.

Due to the efforts of the NTTA and EU directives the Police are now more aware than ever about trailers. If you are stopped, they know what to look for, fines and points can be given. Typical checks include; If you do not have a breakaway cable (braked trailers) or safety cable (unbraked trailers), if your lights do not work or are not fitted correctly, if your brakes do not work, if they suspect you are overloaded etc.

It is about common sense and taking responsibility, whether you are a commercial or private user. 

The National Trailer & Towing Association

The National Trailer & Towing Association is the leading association for the UK towing industry. The NTTA sets the standards for the towing industry at Government and EC levels, promoting the responsible use of light weight trailers and improving the skills and expertise of drivers.
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