Trailer Servicing

Trailer servicing is crucial for your safety and to maintain its residual value.

Trailerspec servicing and or refurbishments are to a high standard using only high quality parts and quality consumables. Your trailer/s will run better, last longer and reduce fuel consumption.

The service is a full comprehensive A to Z of the mechanical operation and electrical system. It takes most of a day to properly service a braked trailer and complete any minor repairs.

I can convert your trailer to LED lighting, private/commercial using high quality but affordable parts from Europe's leading supplier www.ledautolamps-uk,com they are low profile, a lot brighter, waterproof, corrosion resistant and dual voltage 12/24 volts. No more corroded fittings or blown bulbs. It is a long term cost effective solution.

Boat trailer users, I can fit fully waterproof/submersible systems to your trailer.

I can do welding, fabrication, modifications and full refurbishments. If the chassis is good and solid then it can be made like new for a fraction of the cost of buying a new trailer. Axles, suspension units, wheels/tyres, lighting, horse trailer flooring.

NOTE; If you are buying a trailer second hand particularly a horse trailer, avoid eBay unless you are 100% sure it is OK. I have had to refurbish several bought in this way and condemn several others that people have paid good money for...IF IN DOUBT, CALL ME, I would rather spend 10 minutes advising you for FREE rather than you waste money and risk your life.

Why use TrailerSPEC